GES Geotech Inc.
(Global Earth Solutions)

GES Geotech Inc. (Global Earth Solutions) is a specialist geotechnical and environmental services company with offices in Vancouver BC and Calgary AB. GES is committed to adding value to projects through client-focused, innovative and practical solutions. Our geotechnical and environmental services span a multitude of disciplines and industries.At Global Earth Solutions we apply our worldwide experience and knowledge to add value to our client's projects through a keen understanding of our clients' needs and perspectives, leading to innovative and cost-effective solutions.

Mahmoud Mahmoud, PhD, PEng, FEC

Mahmoud, the distinguished founder of GES Geotech Inc., established the company in May 2003, leveraging over 21 years of invaluable experience in managing and directing the geotechnical and environmental facets of extensive multi-disciplinary projects. His global portfolio encompasses work in Canada, Mexico, the UK, the Persian Gulf, and South East Asia, reflecting a rich diversity of achievement.

Over three decades, Mahmoud's career trajectory has seen him rise through increasingly senior roles, beginning as a project manager, and later evolving into positions such as the manager of engineering services and geotechnical leader, culminating in the creation of GES. His influence can be traced in notable projects such as the Chek Lap Kok airport in Hong Kong, Shell Albian Sands Jackpine Mine in Fort McMurray, the Boleo project in Baja Mexico, and various others, each marking a significant contribution to the field.

Beyond his project work, Mahmoud has engaged in a wide spectrum of professional activities, reinforcing his commitment to the engineering community. A member of APEGA since 1997, he has participated in myriad roles, including being the main presenter of Engineers and Geoscientists BC's Ethics Seminar (2008-2016), and holding membership in Engineers and Geoscientists BC's Fairness Panel since 2007. Honored with the Fellowship of Engineers Canada in 2013, he was further appointed to represent BC as a director of the Canadian Engineering Qualifications Board in 2014.

In his most recent role as Chair of the Environment and Sustainability Committee of the Canadian Engineering Qualifications Board, Mahmoud's leadership has led to the creation of three national guidelines and a White Paper on the practice of environmental and sustainability within engineering.

As a fervent advocate for education and mentorship, Mahmoud generously imparts his wisdom and insights to the next generation of engineers. His passion extends to the incorporation of climate change considerations within the engineering practice, reflecting a holistic approach to the field that prioritizes both innovation and responsibility. His achievements, vision, and commitment to excellence make him a pillar within the engineering community.

Senior Geotechnical Specialist
Parviz Kheyruri, MSc

Parviz has been with GES Geotech Inc. since 2011 as a Senior Geotechnical Specialist. With over 35 years of global expertise, his background in Civil Engineering is enriched by two Masters degrees and fluency in seven languages. He has notably contributed to Port and Breakwater projects worldwide, with additional expertise in earthquake analysis, soil testing, and major dam developments. His diverse skills make him a vital asset to the geotechnical field.

Geotechnical Engineer
Sadaf Sanii, BASc, PEng

Sadaf has been with GES Geotech Inc. since 2011. She studied Geological Engineering at the University of British Columbia. While working at GES, Sadaf has played an integral role where she is responsible for field review, detailed design work, engineering analysis and reporting. Her diverse range of skills have also lead Sadaf to manage invoicing and to work towards maximizing cost effectiveness for our clients.

Geotechnical Engineer

Erfan Adeshi, BASc, EIT

Erfan became part of the GES team in 2022 as an intern, working closely under the guidance of Dr. Mahmoud. After graduating from the University of British Columbia in 2023, he further cemented his role at GES by joining as an Engineer-in-Training (EIT).

Civil Environmental Specialist

Ehsan Mani, MSc

Ehsan has 15 years of experience in environmental consulting, specializing in water and wastewater management. With a Master's in Civil and Environmental Engineering, his expertise ranges from design and feasibility studies to financial modeling and project management across diverse regions. His skills in water treatment, hydraulic analysis, and stormwater studies, combined with a commitment to sustainability, have consistently led to successful projects. Ehsan's proficiency makes him a key asset in stormwater management and onsite sewage systems.